Quantify and monitor rehabilitation progress with a smart cane
During rehabilitation where a patient requires a cane, doctors assess patients health by visually analyzing how they walk. This leads to varied diagnosis by the doctor. IT is also difficult to record this type of qualitative data which leads to problems when moving treatment hospitals. smarTcane quantifies and visualizes walking so any patient can receive a diagnosis easily.We prototyped a device that can detect medically correct walking stance by extracting walking power via FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation)

Concept Making

Stayed at Saga University School of Medicine for 1 week to analyze what problems exist.

Issue when performing walking rehabilitation
diagnosis is given by eye or a large scale machine

How can we easily measure rehabilitation progress quantitatively?

Building of prototypes with cane only solutions

Discussions with doctors on our prototype to obtain feedback and reiterate

Continued improvement of original design


2017 - 02
Tokyo Metropolitan University
My paper of Master of Design (smarTcane) First Prize of Faculty Work
Oral presentation SIGAAC vol.2, IPSJ
2017 - 08
First prototype
Hearing to the physical therapists

Next Step

We look forward to improving the accuracy and incorporating further needs of the doctors into an actual product.

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