Shinnosuke Komiya
Art/Design Engineer, HCI Researcher
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I'm an Art/Design Engineer / Human Computer Interaction researcher / Creative Technologist.

My grandfather was a craftsman who made Buddhist altars and both of my parents are architects.
I was inspired by them and spent my childhood crafting and creating my idea a lot.

While I studied product design in university, I was inspired to utilize my skills to develop something tangible and functioning as a product.

This is why I have pursued to develop my knowledge and skills in engineering, design and arts.

My Work Experiences

Professional Experience
Chief Design Officer /
2018 - present
Eukarya Inc.
DesignEngineer / UX Designer
2017 - 2018
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.
DesignEngineer / CEO
2016 - present
DesignCat Inc.
Academic Experience
Part-time Lecturer  
Policing and Militarization Today
Princeton University
Part-time Lecturer
Basic Human Computer Interaction
Tokyo University of Technology
Part-time Adviser / Mentor
Design & Technical Adviser
Techpreneur Inc.
Teaching Assistant
2016 - 2017
Network practice class
Tokyo Metropolitan University Industrial Art Department

My Educational History

Professional Experience
New York University
Tisch School of Arts Interactive Telecommunications Program (MPS)
2020 - 2022
New York University
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Industrial Art (Master of Design)
2015 - 2017
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Industrial Art(Bachelor of Design)
2011 - 2015
Tokyo Metropolitan University

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