revolutionize tag with a wearable in-sole device
PetaPeta changes the way tag is played by utilizing your smartphone and a wearable in-sole device.Originally, playing tag lasts until the sun goes down. So we couldn’t decide win and lose easily. How to decide each player’s rank and What should I do for playing tag with strangers? PetaPeta is brand new tag which was made for updating old fashioned game.

Concept Making

What is the essence of tag?

Game Design
・Designing how players take risks and incentives.
・Is there anything new we can apply to tag?
・Designing the game so everyone is engaged
・How can we design a more chaotic and fun game

Designing Hardware & Software

Iteratively refine the rules through prototypingActual photo of v1.1 of the insole deviceUtilizes


2014 - 08
GoodFind Inc.
Hacker Wars colopl Inc Award
MashupAward 11(produced by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd) IoT Award
Produced an event of PetaPeta in Asobousai 2016 for disaster prevention.
2015 - 11
RecruitHoldings Co., Ltd.
2016 - 10
WeatherNews Inc.
Insole Device
Instructing to participants
App interface
PetaPeta in Asobousai

Next Step

Utilized PetaPeta to teach disaster prevention at the“ Asobousai” event.We see continued further collaboration within this sphere.

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