Interact with a digital interface through a wearable glove device
Dancers usually perform pre choreographed dance routines and are restricted from changing them based on the crowds reaction.In addition, to an inexperienced audience member, it may be har d to discern which moves are difficult or are highlights

Concept Making

Problems for performers and audiences

Problems for Performer and Audience

・performers cannot adapt the performance to the audience
・Dancers cannot improvise stage productions that are easy for amateurs to understand
・When seen in the video, the excitement fades from when seen live

How can both the performer and the audience enjoy the show?


Increase the accuracy of the sensors which opens doors to new performances


2016 - 09
UTokyo to Texas Award and exhibited at SXSW
MashupAward(produced by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) Grand Prix (Got JPY1,000,000)
2017 - 01
The University of Tokyo
2017 - 11
RecruitHoldings Co., Ltd.
Actual Lighting
Flex Circuitboard
iOS App interface

Next Step

GROOVE is revered not only for its concept and product, but also as a next gen IoT device.As a beautiful combination of digital and fabrication, we believe our device has applications beyond dance and can be used for organizing dancers with tech communities.

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